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The 10 best U.S. companies for career growth, according to new research

Certain signs of a good workplace are obvious — fair salaries, friendly co-workers, low quitting rates — but other “green flags” aren’t as clear.

Take professional development, for example, which can look different across industries, jobs and experience levels.

Yet a lack of career growth opportunities is often one of the main reasons people quit their jobs: 63% of U.S. workers who quit their jobs last year cited a lack of advancement opportunities as one of the main reasons for their departure, according to one poll from Pew Research Center, which surveyed nearly 10,000 Americans in February 2022.

To determine which companies are prioritizing their employees’ professional development and success, company review site Comparably identified the 100 best large companies in the U.S. to grow your career, using data from its platform.

Claiming the number one spot is Boston Consulting Group, which has “built a culture of excellence,” Comparably CEO Jason Nazar tells CNBC Make It. Close to 95% of employees reported feeling challenged at work, while 77% said they have a mentor.

Boston Consulting Group also scored high on workplace culture and leadership. “They take the commitment to building a great culture very seriously, and it translates to how older employees think and feel about the company,” Nazar adds.

Here are the top 10 companies to grow your career at, according to Comparably:

Boston Consulting GroupAmazonRingCentralInsight Global MedalliaZipRecruiterAdobeSamsungSentinelOneQualtrics

The ranking is derived from employees who rated their company’s professional development opportunities on Comparably between June 2021 and June 2022, specifically answering questions about their employer’s mentorship opportunities, how they receive feedback and if they feel challenged at work, among other topics.

Companies needed a minimum of 75 employee ratings on Comparably’s website to be considered for the list, with additional weight being given to companies that had more participation from their employee base.

Professional development is “equally, if not more important” than compensation in building a long, successful career, Nazar argues, and should be something that job-seekers consider before accepting an offer.

“If you go to a company that is really committed to recognizing, developing and promoting talent over the course of a few years, you’ll be much farther along in your career than in a job that pays well but doesn’t offer that support,” he explains. “You’re not just bolstering your earning potential — you’re expanding your transferable skills and what roles you qualify for.”

Job-seekers can assess how a company invests in their employees’ career growth during an interview by asking about mentorship opportunities, benefits to support continued education or upskilling, and the rate of internal promotions and hires within different teams.

“It’s important to understand what kind of organization you’re joining and how many opportunities you’re going to have to grow there,” Nazar adds. “The availability of these resources, or lack thereof, can really impact your future success in a role.”

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