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Will 3D Printing Help U.S. Housing Shortage?

Many Americans traded their dream of a picket fence and a house for an affordable apartment.

Who can blame them?

Bidding wars, high prices, a housing shortage by more than three million homes?!

But here’s the opportunity the other guys aren’t seeing…

The New American Dream is being created thanks to America 2.0 technologies like 3D printing.

Watch today’s video to see how 3D-printing companies are disrupting the housing market and solving the shortage (and how you can get your hands on our 3D-printing stock recommendations today):

If 3D printed homes are not on your mind, they should be… because 3D printing is the future of home construction!

Soon we’ll go from a traditional house built like this.

To this!

A 3D printed home and its Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) whose walls were built in just 8 days.

3D printing is set to transform how houses are built.  This tech offers speed, affordability and waste reduction.

At a time when the U.S. is facing a housing shortage by more than 3 million homes and affordable housing is hard to find (the avg. house now costs $374K, up 22% in just two years), 3D printing tech-forward innovations are shaping up to be the housing affordability and availability crisis solution.

But how can you buy one?  Who’s building them? Where are they being built?

In this video I’ll highlight three 3D printing home constructions companies breaking barriers and ground using this new tech.

Amber’s Background And Thoughts With Real Estate!

Hi, I’m Amber, Director of Investment Research here at Bold Profits Publishing the home for main street stock investors. You’re watching the Paul Mampilly YouTube channel.

For those who may not know this about me I’ve been working in the stock and financial markets for many years now.  As an economics and finance major in undergraduate and graduate school… this is what I do.

And in addition to stock investing, I love all things real estate.  I purchased my first home at 23, which I still own to this day, and have added to my housing portfolio since then.  It’s in my blood.

My great grandma pictured here wearing her favorite hat,

along with my great grandpa (not pictured) were consequential real estate investors and over their lifetime purchased 7 multi-family income properties.

So, when I hear about new tech like 3D printed homes and how it’s set to transform the real estate market, I take notice.

What Is Apis Cor. Mission?

So, in no particular order the first 3D printing home company to watch is Apis Cor.

Headquarter in Melbourne, FL, Apis Cor is on a mission to build affordable housing for the 21st century.

The company develops advanced technologies and materials for construction 3D printing.   Apis Cor holds the Guinness Book World Record for the World’s Largest 3D Printed Building on Earth.

What’s very interesting about Apis Cor is that they’ve opened the world’s first showroom for 3D printed homes, Brevard County. FL.

Visitors can tour the showroom and see and touch actual 3D printed wall samples of various applied finishes, including paint, stucco and other textures.  Plus, visitors can meet Frank, their 3D printing robot.

Apis Cor sees their way of 3D printing homes as scalable and current with the capability of circumventing supply chain issues and skilled labor shortages.

The company states they’re aiming to “fully automate the home-building process with a view to reducing total construction times from three months to only five days.”

Homes start at $300K and can be customized. Right now, about $7,000 will reserve an Apis Cor 3D printed home before their operations start in 2023.

Apis Cor plans to build homes in FL and across the U.S.  And from an investing standpoint, Apis Cor is set to become 1st 3D printed homes tech firm to offer shares to public.  One to watch!

Alquist 3D Builds Affordable 3D Printed Homes!

The second 3D printing home construction company to highlight is Alquist 3D.  Alquist, based in Iowa, builds affordable 3D printed homes that aim to be sustainable and innovative.

Alquist mission is to help lift economically distressed and under-served communities by lowering the cost of building single-family, multifamily, mixed-use, and senior-living homes.

Alquist 3D has partnered with Habitat for Humanity Peninsula & Greater Williamsburg VA to create the first 3D-printed home to be owner occupied in the U.S.

The company’s founder and CEO Zach Mannheimer says “3D-printing cuts costs up to 15% by scaling back labor, materials and time. The goal is to revolutionize affordable housing.”

The company aims to build 200 3D-printed homes over the next three years, primarily in southwest Virginia, with prices starting at $175,000.

Icon Is Re-Imagining The Approach To Home Building!

Third company is to highlight is ICON.  ICON, headquarter in Austin, TX, develops advanced construction tech that advances humanity by using 3D printing robotics, software and advanced materials.

Their mission is to “re-imagine the approach to homebuilding and construction to make affordable, dignified housing available to everyone throughout the world.”

And re-imagining they are doing.  Using their large-scale construction 3D printer called, Vulcan, the printer is 1.5x larger, 2x faster and capable of printing homes and structures up to 3,000 square feet.  So far, ICON is partnering with Lennar to build the largest neighborhood of 3D-printed Homes in the Austin, TX area this year.

The neighborhood will feature 100 homes.  Also, The Texas Military Department has partnered with ICON to design and 3D printed Barracks at Camp swift, which will be the largest 3D-printed structure in North America.  The 3,800 sq.-ft. building will house up to 72 soldiers or airmen.

What Hurdles Need To Be Overcome?

Now the future of 3D printing homes looks bright with qualities like speed, affordability, and sustainability charting its course.

As with any new technology there are barriers to overcome such as perfecting scalability to reduce costs and the establishment of laws and regulation to help structure this growing market going forward which in the US. Alone is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 99% between this year and 2030.

So, based on groundbreaking companies like Apis Cor, Alquist 3D and ICON helping trailblaze the way it appears the sky is the limit on 3D printing home construction.

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Soon, we can say “goodbye” to bidding wars and “hello” to affordable housing.

3D printing makes housing construction not only affordable, efficient and sustainable … but it’s only the beginning.

You know that we’ve been bullish on 3D-printing technology for years.

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Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited 

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