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Recession 2022? Your Stock Questions

When it comes to investing, some people just get it. 

They have the ability to time markets, hold during times of uncertainty and sell for bold gains. 

And that’s Charles Mizrahi — my friend and colleague at Banyan Hill.

So I invited him to chat with me today and answer your questions from Twitter

Charles and I have lived and invested through fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) —recessions, crashes, bear markets…

So, we’ll cut to the chase. 

Are we heading for a recession? And what does that mean for your stocks? Here’s our take on today’s market:

We know holding isn’t easy. Especially when there are recession fears.

But we believe companies with innovative solutions will beat FUD, bringing BOLD profits. 

But to get those BOLD profits, we must hold. 

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Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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