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Sanctions on Russia Puts Focus on China’s Central Bank


Investors seek bargains as Ukraine keeps markets on edge

Money managers are scanning roiled global markets for bargains after unprecedented Western sanctions propelled Russia into a full-blown crisis, sent oil prices soaring and put monetary policy bets in flux. The wild gyrations that have been a hallmark of markets in recent weeks continued on Monday, as the rouble lost nearly a third of its value, investors sought safety in government bonds and the dollar and major indexes in Europe and the United States pared initial sharp losses. Though few expect the volatility to quiet down anytime soon, some were looking for opportunities in stocks they believe may have grown cheap after a weeks-long selloff that has taken the S&P 500 down 9% in 2022 and shaved 7% off Europe’s STOXX 600, as they bet that strong earnings will buoy stock prices.

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