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No. 1 Stock for 2022???

Every year, we reveal our No. 1 stock.


This year there’s not just one.

There are LOTS!

Paul has been saying it throughout 2021. He’s never been more bullish. And our America 2.0 portfolio is “the best it’s ever been.”

See how you can unlock the portfolio that is remaking America NOW.

You see, ever since Paul predicted the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we’ve been on a mission.

We didn’t want just ONE top stock. We wanted all of our stocks to have this new era in mind.

Of course, not all will be winners.

But when you bet on the future, you have more chances to lock in big gains over time.

Forget the roaring 2020s. 2022 is the dawn of the new digital gilded age. And the opportunities for you are great!

Simply take a look at everything the team found you…

2022 Bold Predictions and Opportunities for YOU

Investing for 2022 in true #BOP (BULLISH, OPTIMISTIC, POSITIVE) fashion:

Your 2022 Predictions Are Here! Forget the roaring 2020s … this is the dawning of the “New Digital Gilded Age.” We’re going to see EXPONENTIAL growth thanks to our mega trends.
America 2.0 in 2022: Negative Interest Rates. The reality of our world is that people are holding more cash — cash that’ll ultimately push into our America 2.0 growth stocks making 2022 a BIG year for you.
Sun Power Your America 2.0 Portfolio in 2022. New energy investments should be part of your America 2.0 future-forward portfolio in 2022! And there’s none that are more critical than the sun … solar energy.
PRNT & ARKK Price Targets for 2022. #BOP buy alert! Two ETFs to add to your portfolio today to gain the most out of the growth stock rebound. Get our price targets to see how much your stand to make on the way up.
Crypto $20 Trillion By 2022. These predictions may sound outrageous. Maybe not for our Strong Hand HODLers. But here’s exactly how it could unfold for crypto, BTC, ETH, stablecoins, altcoins and more.
IPOs, Bitcoin & Dow 100K — Are You IN Yet? Big ones. But we’ll show you today that they are within your reach. And how you can profit.
My Main Goal & Special Invitation Before 2022. Wow! 2021 has been a year of change not just for the world … but for Bold Profits. But one thing has not changed … our mission for you.


Your Bold Profits Team

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