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2 Words to Live by in 2022

This is our motto. It’s why you’re here.

And we’re ready to deliver.

We hope 2022 is our best year yet. To kick things off, we’ve got our biggest — and you guessed it — BOLDEST predictions ready to go.

Starting on Monday with a MEGA Market Talk — featuring Paul, Amber, Ian, Patrick and Dan.

We’ve got so much to share with you — we’re taking over the whole week (Monday-Sunday) to share our ideas, opportunities and analysis.

Even ways to invest before we hit 2022.

You won’t want to miss a minute of this series. That’s why we recommend:

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We’re going to bring it. So, you better be there! See you Monday!

Predictions Preview: We Are #BOP!

Bullish, optimistic and positive. That’s how we see the Fourth Industrial Revolution unfolding. And the proof is all over. Take a look:

THREE 3D-Printing Disruptions = Portfolio Growth! Think about the Fourth Industrial Revolution — the future of manufacturing, production, space, food, medicine… There’s no technology that has a greater impact than 3D printing.
The REAL Supply Chain Problem (NOT Inflation)… We are NOT experiencing inflation right now, despite what you might hear in mainstream media. Looking at the bigger picture — the macro level — here’s what I see is actually happening.
546% Robotics Mega Trend to Watch! Robotics and artificial intelligence are key spokes in the wheel of an America 2.0 economy. Now that we’ve identified the trend early, it’s time to watch it enter an early adoption phase.
Predictions Check Before 2022. Before diving into 2022, let’s take a look at how our predictions from last year did and give you an update on two buy recommendations.
Rocket Fuel for Big Gains. It’s like a slow-motion crash. What is going on?! Well, first, let’s zoom out. You should see these seven charts. It will paint a better picture of what’s happening in the market.


Your Bold Profits Team

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