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Heading Into 2022 … All I Can Say Is…

Thank you!!

It’s been ANOTHER roller-coaster year. But you held Strong Hands. And we’re glad you did.

Some of our IanCast favorites — Tesla and bitcoin — recently made new highs.

Our growth stocks are heading into an America 2.0 bull market.

I have major predictions for the cryptoverse for you (tune in Monday, December 6 for our 2022 predictions event!).

It’s an exciting time to be a Bold investor. And we couldn’t do it without you. So thank you!!

Bring on 2022!

We’ll be back for a new IanCast video next week. Until then, my animals and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Get the Blacklist for Black Friday

I know some of you might be doing your holiday shopping today. But here’s what you can do for your America 2.0 portfolio … sell.

You’ve got to clear out the old before it potentially drags down your entire portfolio.

Paul and I say it all the time in IanCast. America 1.0 is destined for zero and that day of reckoning is coming soon.

He created a Blacklist report filled with 100 America 1.0 companies you should sell today. It’s all part of his profit plan for you in America 2.0’s Fourth Industrial Revolution.

You can see the full story and how to unlock the Blacklist by clicking here.


Ian Dyer

Editor, Crypto Flash Trader

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