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3 Biotech Innovations Driving America 2.0 Stocks Up

Blood tests for cancer that are better than biopsies…

Doctor exams that don’t require an office visit…

Gene therapies that are more effective and safer than chemo, surgery or radiation.

These genetics-biotech innovations are remaking our $16 trillion health care industry with next-level technologies.

This new era in medicine gives investors — like you — a phenomenal opportunity to profit from these America 2.0 medical marvels.

In just the past two years, we’ve seen how these advances have changed medicine in ways we could not have imagined even a decade ago:

Telemedicine replaced doctor visits for millions of Americans. McKinsey & Company estimates telehealth use was 38 times higher this year than in early 2020 and projects 40-60% of Americans will continue to use it going forward — taking in $250 billion of current U.S. health care spending.
New genetic tests, often using blood samples to identify DNA “signatures” of cancer and other illnesses without surgery or biopsies, have grown to become a $10.8 billion market that is projected to more than double (to $23.1 billion) by 2027, according to a new analysis by Brandessence Market Research and Consulting.
Next-wave genetic therapies for certain cancers, heart disease and other major killers have become frontline treatments, replacing surgery, chemo and radiation techniques that will seem barbaric to future generations. Although the field is still young — adding up to a $3.18 billion market this year — Research and Markets projects the industry will soar to $12.16 billion by 2025.

As Paul Mampilly told us this week: “What an amazing time to be alive. There is just change, innovative technology and new things going on all around us.”

And nowhere is that more evident than in modern medicine.

So, for investors, the question is: How best to invest?

Dollars From DNA: Tap Into Precision Medicine

DNA testing and gene therapy are just two of the biotech innovations driving the personalized medicine market.

In 2018, the industry was a $78.85 billion market.

But precision medicine is expected to become a $216.75 billion industry by 2028.

The number of new precision medicine therapies on the market has skyrocketed over the past 12 years — from just five precision medicine drugs in 2008 to 286 in 2020.

That’s a 5,620% increase!

Since then, dozens of more therapies have hit the market this year alone.

In addition, new genetic discoveries are being made nearly every day, giving doctors the ability to use a standard blood test to determine which drug or treatment will be most effective for you — for almost any condition.

More than 75,000 genetic tests are already available, with more in the pipeline.

For example, new genetic tests for breast cancer allow doctors to design treatments that are perfectly matched for their patients based on their unique genetic and biological makeup.

The same is true for prostate cancer, depression and certain heart conditions.

So, you can see how precision medicine is already starting to reshape, disrupt and displace the old America 1.0 ways of medicine.

In addition to these developments, biotech innovations are allowing doctors to use telemedicine to meet virtually with patients, using video tech to diagnose certain conditions and even prescribe personalized treatments without requiring an office visit.

Trade: Upgrade to America 2.0 Medicine

Biotech companies are some of the biggest superstars of our Bold Profits investment research services.

For instance, two DNA-testing companies Paul recommended are up double digits — one in just 12 months. And the second since August.

One telehealth stock from the open model portfolio is up nearly 30% in just the last two months alone.

This is just the beginning. Remember, our goal is for you to get big money over time. Our average hold time is one to three years.

That means there’s plenty of growth opportunity ahead.

Paul recommends biotech companies that embrace technology and are disrupting the old-world ways.

So, the first step to capitalize on biotech’s breakout is to upgrade your portfolio by dumping old-world Big Pharma stocks.

To get started, Paul has assembled a special report — The Blacklist — to help you.

It has 100 old-world stocks destined for zero that we recommend selling today.

Click here for the details and see how to unlock The Blacklist.

After that, you can upgrade your portfolio with the new-world game-changers.

Buy the ARK Genomic Revolution ETF (BATS: ARKG).

This exchange-traded fund (ETF) invests in companies tied to the genomics revolution — in health care, information technology, materials, energy and consumer discretionary sectors.

It has skyrocketed almost 400% since 2016!

Investing in the new biotech-genetics revolution lets you put your money into new diagnostic tests, therapies and medical technologies that can save lives.

At the same time, you get to pocket the profits from companies leading this new era in health care.

Until next time.

To your health and wealth,

Nick Tate

Senior Editorial Manager, Banyan Hill Publishing

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